All air conditioning and refrigeration systems, like any other machine, depreciate with time. And if not properly maintained, they progressively lose efficiency, consume more power, and drain your profits.

Without regular maintenance an air conditioner loses its original efficiency steadily every passing year. It is common knowledge that these inefficiencies accelerate in the absence of adequate monitoring and maintenance, thereby causing a lot of inconvenience.

The good news however, is that you can recover most of that lost efficiency through regular maintenance. Studies show that with regular tune-ups a unit will maintain up to 95% of its original efficiency. This means that the cost of a periodic tune-up is recovered very quickly in savings on your monthly power bill and reduced running and repair costs.


Blue Star, India's largest air conditioning and commercial refrigeration company, has been providing expert cooling solutions for over seven decades. Blue Star provides you with the finest and most comprehensive range of services to take care of your air conditioning system. With our experience and expertise, we optimise your system and ensure maximum energy efficiency, perfect air distribution and superior indoor air quality.

Very often, customers tend to believe that maintaining air conditioning systems needs no great expertise, and in case of a breakdown, any local AC repair technician can repair it. But while local technicians might be an easy option, they don't have the kind of extensive knowledge required on the science of cooling. They lack adequate understanding of indoor air quality, airside management and energy efficiency. Neither do they know the designs and circuits well enough for them to optimize your system periodically, nor do they have the infrastructure and resources necessary to handle your system, in case of further eventualities. In fact, relying on them can only cause inconvenience, apart from potential loss of business and productivity. On the other hand, Blue Star's experts and customer focused professionals periodically check your entire system, repair and replace the necessary parts and calibrate the system for perfect air distribution and balancing.

Blue Star has the largest pool of qualified and trained air conditioning and refrigeration engineers. The Company has a wide network of channel partners all over India and across the globe to meet customer requirements. We understand the geography and have complete knowledge of the application and customer profiles.

On opting for a Service Solution from Blue Star, you avail of the following unbeatable advantages:


    Leveraging on technology available, Blue Star has connected its large technician work force using apps to ensure that complaints are taken care of and closed in time. The integration of customer call centre and app makes sure that technicians can receive the tickets, schedule appointments with the customers, and close complaints using the app even while on the move.


    Remote monitoring service by Blue Star ensures that your HVAC is monitored 24x7. With the help of various meters installed at site and the state-of-the-art remote monitoring centre at our service HO, we are able to keep a record of the number of hours the equipment has worked, the energy consumed by the critical parts of the equipment, etc. Based on the data acquired, we can predict the complaints that might arise due to both normal and abnormal functioning of the equipment. This also helps us share insights with the customer on how to improve operating conditions on the premises.


    Our engineers and technicians are intensively trained to handle the costly, sophisticated air conditioning equipment.


    All customers who opt for our annual service solutions are offered priority service, so that your calls get attended quicker and the system is up faster.


    Under all our service solutions, we offer preventive maintenance checks which help in identifying problems early, preventing costly downtime.


    By opting for our service solution, you are assured of genuine spares that will go a long way in ensuring high uptime for your system.


    Genuine spares and regular maintenance help in extending the life of your system.


    In summer, you would prefer lower temperatures and when the climate is cold you often feel the need to change your settings to higher temperatures. Before the season changes, our engineers calibrate the air conditioning system to suit typical requirements.


    The presence of regional parts centres in various cities ensures faster availability of service parts.


    The van assists in delivering spares and service crew at your door step, in case of emergency.

  • SSG:

    Service Specialists Group handles complex technical problems in the field through remote supervision or direct supervision from all cities. The team is well equipped with various advanced measuring, data logging and diagnostic tools.

  • SQA:

    Service Quality Assurance group is in place for benchmarking the best practices in other service industries, and developing and implementing service delivery standards in conformity with the same.

    • The Service division has ISO 9001:2015 certification with accreditation from TUV India for service operations.
    • EHS team monitoring ensures safety practices followed at site.
    • 24x7 call centre: Call 1800 209 1177 or 1800 206 6666 or SMS ‘Service’ to 57575 or mail to customerservice@bluestarindia.com.
    • Call logging benefits: Online call status monitoring by branch service manager and timely closure of calls. Service history report for analysis and improvement

So, protecting your expensive and technologically advanced air conditioning equipment from damage is as important as your initial investment. And we, at Blue Star, help you do that. Our air conditioning experts periodically check your entire system, repair and replace the necessary parts and calibrate the system for perfect air distribution and balancing. Thus providing you with the finest and most comprehensive range of Service Solutions.


At Blue Star, you will find a wide spectrum of Service Solutions to meet all your requirements. Apart from these Standard Maintenance solutions, we also offer premium value added services for your critical needs.


This comprehensive contract includes all labour, spares and consumables. It covers routine preventive maintenance and attending to breakdowns.


This contract includes labour only for routine preventive maintenance and attending to breakdowns. Spares and consumables are separately charged for.


This is a pure labour contract. The operators are stationed for single, double, round the clock or 365 days shift, depending on the need. They regularly monitor operating status.


Product Upgrades And Enhancements

These services are primarily targeted at old air conditioning systems. Over a period of time it is quite likely that due to additional equipment load or change in office layout there is a change in the heat load. To cater to the revised heat load, there may be a need to modify the ducting, enhance the capacity of Air Handling Unit or even replace the old chilling machine.

Enhancements may also arise out of replacement of condensing units, upgrading to new energy efficient compressors, refrigerant conversion, replacement of old electro-mechanical controls with microprocessor-based controls etc. The customer thus gets the latest technology and saves on power, without investing in a completely new system.


Studies have proven that indoor air can be upto 10 times more polluted than outdoor air. In a conditioned space, since the free passage of air is limited, with inadequate fresh air ventilation it produces an environment with relatively high levels of contaminants, bacteria, fungi, dust etc.

Over last 15 years, our knowledge of risk to public health due to poor air quality has improved significantly and so have our recent initiatives in the area of air management.

Poor air quality leads to an increased incidence of health related issues, which in turn can lead to increase in absenteeism and loss of productivity at work.

At Blue Star we have a range of services to offer, starting from an Indoor Air Quality Audit, certified by Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA-USA), recording the trends of the IAQ parameters, Duct Cleaning Services certified by National Air Duct Cleaners' Association (NADCA-USA), analysing the conditioned space and finally recommending the desired solution.

We also have a range of products which can maintain High Indoor Air Quality. Those are as below:

This is used in AHUs and indoor units. The X mount UVC Emitter is installed making a one inch penetration into the duct wall and running the light across the width of the duct. The UVC energy will cook off mould and eliminate organic build up.


The Emitter kills or inactivates surface and air borne micro-organisms that trigger ailments, and also eliminates associated odour. It continuously cleans coils, drain pans, plenums and ducts, reducing costly cleaning programs. It lowers HVAC energy costs by improving heat transfer and increasing net cooling capacity, and improves general IAQ for better productivity and less absenteeism.


At Blue Star, we have a range of products to offer in the Water Management Services space.

Water quality affects equipment and piping, causing scaling, corrosion, bacteria, algae and slime. These reduce the performance and life of the equipment and also increase the cost of maintenance. Traditionally, organisations use harsh chemicals for treating water in cooling towers. However again, these are ineffective, corrosive and environmentally unfriendly.

Blue Star, in association with Ecospec, Singapore has introduced the revolutionary BacComber water treatment systems. These are environment friendly, save water and enhance the life of the equipment. Using electromagnetic waves, these systems not only decrease scale formation but also remove existing scale and arrest the multiplication of bacteria by altering their DNA.

There are three basic components in the BacComber system:

  • Electromagnetic Descaler
  • Electromagnetic Magnetite Generator
  • Copper-Silver Ionisation Unit

Most large organisations across the world are switching to these environment-friendly and cost-efficient methods to ensure thorough cleaning of their cooling towers.


ECOMax-HE will eliminate the problem of sediment accumulating in a central cooling system. This is a fully automated, hydro mechanical, reliable system with no moving parts, which keeps condensers absolutely and constantly clean. The system recycles sponge balls through the condenser tubes at programmable intervals. These sponge balls collect all sediment from the tubes' inner surfaces without causing any disturbance to the water flow and pressures.


Expertise To Help You Go Green

Green buildings are environmentally responsible establishments where special care is taken to minimise the damage to the surroundings while providing a healthy place to work in. Such highly specialised buildings demand expert guidance and supervision. This is where Blue Star plays a crucial role. With Blue Star Green Building Consultancy Services, you can construct green buildings that qualify for LEED/IGBC Certification and meet your objective of going green.

What Is LEED?

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)® Green Building Rating System is a globally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high performance and environmentally friendly buildings.

LEED gives building owners and operators the tools that are required to have an immediate and measurable impact on the performance of their building. LEED promotes a whole-building approach to sustainability by recognising performance in five key areas of human and environmental health: sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and optimum utilisation, and indoor air quality.

What is IGBC?

Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) offers a wide array of services which include developing new green building rating programmes, certification services and green building training programmes. Rating systems developed by IGBC are nowadays widely used in India for Green New Buildings, Factories, Homes, Townships as well as Existing Buildings, etc.

Green Building Consultancy Services From Blue Star

Blue Star, India's largest central air conditioning and commercial refrigeration company offers comprehensive Green Building Consultancy. This includes consultancy services for not only New Construction (NC) but also Existing Buildings (EB), Commercial Interiors (CI), Core & Shell type of buildings (C&S), Green Homes (GH), Green Factory Buildings, Schools and Townships. The Company has a well established team of Green Building professionals and offers comprehensive services which include:

  • LEED/IGBC Facilitation
  • Feasibility study
  • Building Energy Simulation*
  • Building Commissioning
  • ASHRAE Level I & II Audits (only for LEED EB O&M Projects)
  • IAQ Audit
  • LEED/IGBC Documentation

*Not applicable for IGBC Existing Building (EB) O&M projects.

Advantage Blue Star

  • Proven track record and over 60 years of experience in project management and contracting
  • Highly qualified resources with extensive construction industry knowledge
  • Strong team of IGBC Accredited Professionals, and Energy Auditors certified by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE)
  • Certified by National Air Duct Cleaners' Association (NADCA), USA
  • Timely delivery and special focus on customer delight
  • Founding member of the Indian Green Building Council, a member of the US Green Building Council and a member of ASHRAE and ISHRAE

Testing Adjusting & Balancing Services

Today's HVAC systems are being designed with many more individually controlled temperature zones to improve occupant comfort. Variable speed fans and pumps are becoming more commonplace to provide the exact amount of heating and cooling system capacity, in a manner that minimises overall energy usage. New occupant air ventilation codes are much more restrictive and at the same time building envelopes are becoming much tighter. The combination of constantly changing HVAC airflow rates and increased demand for fresh- and filtered-ventilation air for all occupants is placing more emphasis on fine-tuning HVAC system operation.

Testing, adjusting, and balancing (TAB) is the process of checking and adjusting all environmental systems in a building to produce the design objectives. This process includes:

1. Balancing air and water distribution systems

2. Adjusting the total system to provide design quantities

3. Electrical measurement

4. Establishing quantitative performance of all equipment

5. Verifying automatic control system operation and sequences of operation

6. Sound and vibration measurement

The purpose of testing, adjusting, and balancing (TAB) is to assure that an HVAC system is providing maximum occupant comfort at the lowest energy cost possible.

Blue Star is NEBB (National Environmental Balancing Bureau) accredited firm. NEBB procedural standard defines procedures for checking installations for conformity to design, measuring and establishing the fluid quantities of the system as required to meet design specifications, and recording and reporting the results.


Facility Management entails multiple disciplines to ensure a smooth and efficient functioning of the built environment by the comprehensive integration of human resource, systems, technology and domain knowledge of the services provider for delivery of ‘non-core’ engineering support services.

Blue Star offers a wide range of operations and maintenance services to ensure efficient functioning of the systems:


  • Air conditioning
  • Chillers and cooling towers
  • Water treatment
  • Boilers
  • Extraction systems
  • Ventilation installations
  • Pumps
  • Air compressors


  • Lighting (internal & external)
  • HT and LT switch gear
  • Transformers
  • Generators
  • UPS Systems


  • Water treatment
  • STP
  • General Plumbing


  • Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • Fire systems comprising fire alarms, smoke detection and suppression systems
  • CCTV and access control


  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Fuel Farm



Blue Star offers expert Energy Management solutions for the corporate and commercial sector. Some of the services offered have been enumerated below:

  • Energy Modeling of Buildings: Blue Star offers energy modeling of buildings, which is primarily used at the design stage of the building to identify energy efficient and economical measures that can be implemented in the building.
  • Power Quality Audit: Blue Star conducts power quality audits which entail determining any power quality problems that may exist in the facility and providing solutions to mitigate the same.
  • ASHRAE Energy Audits: ASHRAE Level I audit by Blue Star includes the preliminary energy usage analysis for suggesting low-cost/no-cost measures and potential capital improvements. A Level II audit is more detailed, entailing energy calculations and financial analysis of proposed energy efficiency measures.

Blue Star also offers some energy savers for your existing air conditioners or refrigerators. Those are as below:


iControl – Blue Star’s user-friendly Building Energy Management System (BEMS) is a complete hardware, software, and services solution that delivers the granular visibility, actionable analysis, and intelligent control capabilities to manage your facility's key energy endpoints, with a focus on HVAC and major loads. A cloud-based application, iControl manages all your green resources for you – energy, water, air, gas and carbon.

Blue Star Icontrol Building Energy Management System

iControl captures valuable information about energy consumption patterns and environmental conditions within the facility that enables insights and smart controls to fine-tune and deliver harmonised energy efficiency. iControl also offers compliance to utility-led DSM programs.

Over 10,000 tons of HVAC systems use iControl as on date, and average a saving of 10-15%, using an array of innovative controllers designed to cut energy costs. Depending upon tonnage, iControl pays for itself by way of energy savings in a very short period of just 18-24 months.

iControl has been successfully deployed at large commercial sites such as hotels, hospitals, office-buildings, shopping malls, auditoriums & banquet halls across India. Unique sensor-based hardware and software products are designed specifically for the challenging Indian market. Advanced wireless devices help in faster deployment even in large buildings, without causing any disruptions in your day-to-day operations.


To ensure that your air cooled and water cooled systems remain efficient and save you power, we bring you condenser management systems.

Blue Star’s Articmaster directly optimises the performance of the refrigerant, saving energy by utilising the reduction in pressure,which in turn leads to greater life expectancy of the compressor.

Articmaster increases the condensing area by pushing the liquid refrigerant from the condenser. The increased condensing area makes the discharge pressure drop which in turn reduces the power drawn by the compressor and reduces the temperature of the refrigerant as well due to better condensation. This in turn increases the compressor’s life expectancy.


  • Reduction of head pressure
  • Reduction in amperage draw
  • Increased capacity of the condenser
  • Cooler supply temperature
  • Approximately 20-35% energy savings
  • Increased average BTU output per run cycle
  • Reduction in compressor cycles
  • Reduction in equipment failure
  • Does not void HVAC warranty


As we all know, air conditioning accounts for 70-80% of the electricity bill of most facilities. And the Blue Star EcoSaver can help you cut between 10 and 15% off that bill over a typical year.

Ecosaver - Energy Saver for split

The Blue Star EcoSaver is a unique, state-of-the-art energy saving device designed specifically to save energy on all split AC installations – including towers, cassettes, ductables and packaged air conditioners – from 1 to 20 ton capacity. It can be used with window ACs too.

When a typical cooling cycle starts, the compressor charges cooling energy into the heat exchanger. At this stage the system works at high efficiency because compressors operate most efficiently when fully loaded. In normal weather conditions, the heat exchanger is soon fully charged with chilled refrigerant and is thermally saturated. From this point on, the compressor tries to provide more cooling energy than the heat exchanger can absorb – and thermal saturation occurs. Running the compressor beyond this point is of no benefit. It does not provide any more cooling, resulting in a waste of energy.

Through a sensor-driven software algorithm designed to detect thermal saturation in the heat exchanger, the Blue Star EcoSaver detects when the evaporator coil is saturated with chilled energy and then cuts off the compressor. It thus keeps the coil optimally charged while eliminating the wasteful run of the compressor.

Since the fan continues to run and the heat exchanger is saturated with chilled refrigerant, cool air continues to be supplied. The system thus makes maximum use of the cooling energy stored in the heat exchanger. Once the stored “cool” energy in the heat exchanger is depleted, the compressor is switched on again and the cycle repeats.

Attractive savings are thus achieved without compromising cooling comfort.

Since the exact point at which thermal saturation occurs varies for each machine and different weather conditions, the Blue Star EcoSaver incorporates dynamic software that constantly adapts its working to ensure that the air conditioner operates most efficiently at all times and in all conditions, thus saving considerable amounts of power.

Installation of the EcoSaver is simple. It is easily retrofitted on to existing air conditioners.


  • Unique, state-of-the-art energy-saving device designed specifically to save energy on all window, split and ductable air conditioners from 1 to 20 ton capacity
  • Detects when the evaporator coil is saturated with chilled energy and then cuts off the compressor
  • Keeps coil optimally charged eliminating wasteful run of compressor
  • Not a timer based device that merely switches the air conditioner off periodically compromising cooling comfort and temperature level
  • Pays for itself in less than 12 months in direct savings on energy bills alone
  • Qualifies for 80% depreciation in the first year


Most commercial AC installations – big or small – find their power bills inflated due to one simple reason: lower-than-recommended setting of the desired temperature.

Every degree set lower on the desired temperature than recommended for comfort results in an increase in running of the air conditioning system by 8 to 15% on an annualised basis, and a corresponding increase in power bills.

This problem occurs despite trained operators in larger facilities, and is very prevalent where individuals manage the operation of their own respective units.

Blue Star Green Lock is a simple but elegant solution that ensures that the set temperature is locked at the recommended level, ensuring optimal power consumption by the air conditioning system.

The Blue Star Green Lock is ideal for use with all air conditioning systems, especially splits.

Installed by an easy retrofit, Green Lock is used by the supervisor to set the recommended temperature setting, after which it ensures that the main controller’s set temperature point is locked and cannot be modified except by the supervisor himself.


  • Easy to retrofit
  • Saves between 8 and 15% power over a typical year
  • Memory to retain setting through power cuts
  • Auto operation in case of sensor error
  • Wide temperature range of operation


Commercial refrigeration systems are designed to store food products at a pre-determined temperature, in order to extend their shelf life. In almost all cases a thermostat is used to determine changes in air temperature, cycling the compressor on and off to maintain that level.

By maintaining the temperature of the air inside the cabinet at a preset level it is anticipated that any stored food will take on the same temperature. However, due to the differing thermal characteristics of air to most food products, air temperature is rarely an accurate measure of food temperature.

The Blue Star PowerSmart is a Refrigeration Energy Saver that helps you save between 12 and 20% power over a typical year by offering a simple yet smart solution to the conventional process in refrigeration systems.

Blue Star Powersmart

A retrofit device that contains a high-tech food simulant with the same thermal characteristics (thermal conductivity and thermal mass) as typical food products, the Blue Star PowerSmart is simple to install: just insert the Thermistor (or the probe of the Controller Thermostat) into the PowerSmart which has a guide for easy probe insertion.

This ensures that the refrigerator reacts to changes in food temperature, not air, resulting in a more efficient refrigeration cycle, where the individual compressor cycle lasts longer but frequency is reduced by up to 80%.

This results in high energy savings without any compromise to food safety and quality.


  • Retrofit device that is simple to install
  • Zero maintenance, since no electrical or mechanical parts
  • More efficient refrigeration cycle
  • Reduced energy consumption by between 12 to 20% on annualised basis
  • Improved equipment reliability
  • Enhanced control of the temperature of stored food products
  • High-grade, food safe ABS plastic housing
  • Advanced, food-safe wax food simulant to mimic thermodynamic properties of food
  • Positioning guides throughout unit to ensure central positioning of the temperature probe
  • High tech seal to hold probe centrally within PSCU and retain wax