Blue Star is India's leading integrated MEP service provider with over seven decades of experience in providing expert solutions in the building, industrial and infrastructure segments. It has built for itself, an enviable reputation for being a one-stop turnkey provider for all MEP needs, with a strong record of delivering several projects globally. Its potent blend of technical know-how, talented workforce, design expertise, exceptional project execution capabilities and global footprint makes it the most preferred choice for MEP projects. Backed by a strong team of experienced employees, well-networked global supply chains and engineering excellence, the Company has leveraged the opportunity of being part of engineering marvels across geographies.

Integrated MEP Services
The Company offers the following integrated MEP services

  • Design, detailed engineering, manufacturing, procurement, project management, installation, testing, commissioning, liaisoning, approvals and maintenance of large central air conditioning plants
  • Design and execution of electrical contracting projects
  • Design and execution of plumbing and fire-fighting systems
  • Design and execution of low voltage systems


Superior project delivery through intelligent engineering, modern execution practices and committed teams.

Blue Star has a proven track record of technical competence, professional management and commitment to customer satisfaction. The Company offers a wealth of experience in Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC); Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) services; Electrical Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) projects as well as Mechanical EPC projects.

Several airports, metro projects, office spaces, malls, hospitals, hotels, educational institutions, power plants, substations and industrial projects stand witness to Blue Star's superior project delivery.

A Committed Engineering Company

Blue Star has been in the projects business for over seven decades and has delivered consistently, reinventing itself to meet evolving market requirements, despite market volatility. The Company has displayed unmatched competence in the execution of large and technically challenging projects.

Committed Teams

The Company consists of highly knowledgeable, experienced, customer-focused engineers and managers who honour Blue Star's endeavour to deliver world-class customer experience.

Committed Business Associates

Blue Star has a structured programme to certify, develop and manage its business associates who execute the construction, erection and installation work. This ongoing programme ensures that the associates are financially healthy and suitably equipped to execute projects at all levels. Several associates have a long relationship with the Company. They execute work as per approved drawings and work with detailed checklists to ensure thorough compliance with tender specifications and Blue Star guidelines. Blue Star's Project Engineers assist these contractors in planning their manpower and tools allocation through weekly as well as monthly planning processes.

The Company has standardised the scope of work as per specific trades and technical standards which helps ensure high delivery standards.

Intelligent Engineering Practices

The Company's engineers accord utmost importance to system design, equipment selection and work methods to arrive at recommendations for cost reduction, efficiency improvement, power reduction and reliability improvement.

The team uses a sophisticated 3D modelling software named Revit® to produce coordinated and clash-free drawings. Modern quantity take-off estimation tools such as QuoteExpress are used for ducting and plumbing work whilst e-Takeoff is utilised for electrical jobs.

Modern Project Management Practices

The Company has identified multiple initiatives for stronger project management and procurement practices and plans to institutionalise modern site practices based on manufacturing principles to ensure a differentiated delivery experience. It will also IT-enable its business processes while judiciously investing in construction technologies with the objective of driving productivity and consistency in its deliverables.

Each project is allocated to a dedicated Project Manager who is a one point contact for all coordination and execution aspects of the job. The Manager undertakes complete responsibility for integrating all inputs and services to deliver a satisfying experience to the customer.

Activities such as project start-up, site mobilisation, work execution, project completion and project handover are performed in a thoroughly professional manner as per processes prescribed in the Blue Star Project Management Guide. Monthly site walkthroughs are carried out by the Delivery Head. These facilitate enhancement of quality, productivity and safety standards. Monthly project reviews are conducted internally in a thorough manner, and clear action plans are drawn up for each month. Monthly reports of project status are shared with each customer. Forms and procedures are prescribed in detail to deal with any variation or additions in the scope of work.

Modern Site Practices

Site facilities such as site office, site store, site records and construction power are planned and set up in a professional manner from the beginning of the job.

Engineers and business associates are inducted into their work profiles, safety practices, legal compliances and work standards in a systematic way during the initial stage.

Construction equipment is selected and indented as per prescribed standards during the site mobilisation phase to ensure high productivity levels.

Pre-fabrication is actively encouraged to optimise quality levels.

Installation and commissioning checklists are used for assurance of work quality.

Customer-friendly Organisation

In a world that is getting increasingly mechanical and impersonal, Blue Star's customer-friendly culture offers a significant amount of meaningful human contact to foster mutually beneficial relationships. The dependability and trustworthiness of the human resources of the Company is an assured deliverable with every project on which a customer partners with Blue Star.


Comprehensive Contracting Capability

Blue Star's Comprehensive Contracting Capability Program - also known as the 3C Program - aims at constantly achieving higher customer satisfaction ratings across the entire spectrum of electro-mechanical projects, through the following:

  • Achievement of all design and performance criteria
  • On-time completion of projects
  • Maintenance of the highest quality standards
  • Completion of projects within defined budgets

The goals of the 3C program are pursued at Blue Star through the continuous quest for excellence in every functional area, including project, site & subcontract management, engineering quality, processes & controls, construction practices, and skilling & training. The initiatives under the 3C program are:

Project Management

  • Single-window point of interaction for all services and activities, aided by a project management guide, developed in-house
  • Clearly defined roles for the project manager, project engineer and site engineer up to the level of work instruction
  • Specially designed tools and processes
  • Project master to help plan, monitor and review the physical progress of projects
  • Project x-ray to comprehend commercial conditions of the project
  • Delivery & invoicing planner to ensure on-time delivery and cash flow management

Engineering Processes & Controls

  • Detailed engineering manuals which describe the engineering workflow and sequence of activities by defining roles and events
  • Engineering trackers including design validation, drawing progress monitor, TDS submittal tracker, RFI tracker and drawing comments tracker, amongst others
  • DBOQ-based ordering to ensure no surplus or unusable material, thus keeping projects within defined budgets

Engineering Quality

  • Usage of 3D Revit for multi-service coordination and interference detection
  • Usage of QuoteExpress software and e-Takeoff for faster and more accurate takeoff
  • Continuous upskilling of engineering team on CAD standards, shop drawing quality and technical training

Site Management

  • Standardisation of site facilities, including site stores, site office, and construction power
  • Standardisation of site records for document and version traceability
  • Site processes like variable quantity certification and site work instruction forms for smooth and accurate measurements and claims
  • Installation and commissioning checklists for communicating standards and monitoring construction quality

Modern Construction Practices

  • Induction of modern construction equipment (mobile access platforms, scissor lifts and duct lifters) for higher productivity, safety and quality
  • Motivating subcontractors to adapt to modern construction tools
  • Driving mechanisation and prefabrication to reduce construction duration at site

Subcontractor Management

Annual business plans for subcontractors, listing business goals, resource requirements and investments
Subcontractor training on construction processes, trade skills and supervision
Transparent transactions with standardised scopes and rates, SAP-based processes for work orders, and vendor bill tracking portal

Skilling & Training

  • Dedicated training organisation withcentres at Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi
  • Portfolio of training to strike the best balance between technical, functional and behavioural aspects
  • Faculty comprising both in-house and industry experts
    The 3C programme implementation uses the well-tested route of inducting teams into initiatives, training them on the process using work instruction sheets, managing knowledge by sharing information on the online portal, strengthening the implementation via field guidance, and auditing levels of implementation and gathering feedback.


Blue Star's management firmly believes that the safety of its employees and all stakeholders associated with the Company’s project sites and manufacturing facilities is of utmost importance. Safety is an essential and integral part of all the Company’s work activities which includes planning, design, procurement, fabrication, construction, installation and commissioning of facilities, products, manufacturing processes and services. Blue Star believes that incidents or accidents and risk to health are preventable through the active involvement of all stakeholders, thereby creating a safe and accident-free workplace.

Towards the creation of a safe workplace, Blue Star shall: (a) ensure compliance with all relevant statutory and other safety provisions; (b) promote safety awareness through campaigns and training programmes among employees, business associates and clients, and ensure that they follow safety rules, systems and practices; and (c) provide adequate resources to fully implement our Safety Policy.

Essential Safety Practices

To ensure safety while at work within Blue Star, the Company has identified from experience Essential Safety Practices (ESPs) that must be followed strictly and without exception in each of its operational verticals, with Manufacturing and Project Management being the two key fields most prone to accidents. The ESPs address inherent safety hazards in each of the verticals, thus increasing the levels of safety.

ESPs in Manufacturing:

  • Housekeeping
  • Electrical safety
  • Forklift safety
  • Machine safety
  • Safe use of lifting tackles
  • Hand tools safety
  • Hot work (Welding/Gas Cutting/Brazing)
  • PUF operation
  • Working at heights
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Safe driving

ESPs in Project Management:

  • Issue and use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Electrical work
  • Material handling and manual lifting
  • Ladders/Scaffolds/Work platforms
  • Working at heights and fall protection
  • Sheet metal work
  • Compressed gas cylinders
  • Gas cutting and arc welding
  • Safety with mobile cranes
  • Storage/stacking/carrying of material
  • Barricading
  • Fire-fighting
  • First aid

Safety Implementation

Safety is managed through engineering and administrative controls, as well as ongoing safety education and audit.

Engineering controls that ensure safety include barricades and guardrails around work areas, machine guards, limit switches and locking devices, supports for excavations, ELCBs and circuit breakers for electrical work, the marking of traffic lanes at sites, diversions around work zones, etc.

Administrative controls to ensure safety include restricting entry into activity zones, mandating the use of Personal Protective Equipment, preventing the use of mobile phones while on the job, and prohibiting entry while under the influence of intoxicants.

Blue Star also ensures that safety is a way of life at its facilities and worksites through ongoing training on statutory regulations, systems and processes. Safety audits, both internal by safety managers and external by accredited safety agencies, are conducted regularly to ensure adherence to prescribed practices.